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If You Demand Excellence, Call Us Today
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If You Demand Excellence, Call Us Today
(908) 859-4077

Criminal Matters

A criminal case starts with an arrest.  The case will either be heard in the local Municipal Court or in the Superior Court of New Jersey.  I handle cases in both courts.
Municipal Court cases involve a Municipal Prosecutor and Judge.  The first court appearance is known as an arraignment at which the Judge reads the charges against you.  A copy of the police report may not be available until your next court appearance. At your next hearing the Municipal Prosecutor reviews the complaint and police report and makes an offer to resolve the case by plea bargain.  If the offer is not accepted a trial date is scheduled and the arresting officer and any other involved persons appear in court to give testimony.  The Municipal Court Judge listens to the testimony of the State’s witnesses and any Defense witnesses and makes a ruling of guilt or innocence. The maximum jail sentence imposed in this court is six months per offense.
Superior Court cases involve a County Prosecutor and Judge. Cases can be heard at various stages in Superior Court.  The Pre-Indictment stage allows you to plead guilty to an accusation and normally involves probation or minimal jail time.  Post Indictment hearings are scheduled after your case has been presented to a grand jury who found enough behavior to warrant formal charges (an indictment) being filed against you.  As in municipal court the Prosecutor will plea bargain the case and make an offer.  The rejection of an offer means the matter proceeds to trial.
From Arrest, to arraignment, Indictment, and Trial 
I will lead you through every stage of your legal case.
From the moment that my office is retained a thorough
review of the State’s case against you will commence.
You will be well versed in the strengths and weaknesses
of your case and every conceivable defense available to
you.  I will be relentless in pursuing every avenue of favorable
resolution of your case. Every ground for dismissal of the charges
will be identified and presented to the Prosecutor.

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